Keeping Your Barrel Horse Sound

“I continued to work for bigger rodeos just to see how far we can get in this industry, I fully believe anyone can reach their dream by working hard and having the right mindset!” – Kristen Yde, Barrel Racer, Ice Horse Ambassador Don’t Let them Run...

Cold Therapy 101

Cold Therapy is Most Effective for Pain & Inflammation We have all heard dramatic stories about people who have fallen through ice and weren't recovered from the water for prolonged periods of time but lived. Doctors also sometimes use hypothermia therapy on...

The Stifle Joint Of The Horse

Your horse’s stifle joint is the joint directly above the hock joint on the hind leg. It’s the largest joint in the horse’s body.  The stifle joint functions to flex and extend the hind leg, moving your horse along. The passive stay apparatus that locks your...

Why Your Horse’s Hooves Need Some Ice Therapy

What’s the big deal about icing horse hooves?  If you have ever seen a horse with laminitis, you understand the agony and suffering that goes on. It’s horrible. Doing everything you can to prevent such a situation will help your horse have a better life! But...

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