Don’t Let them Run Sore

After I run, I walk, untack and water them as the priorities. Then it’s liniment and Ice Horse wraps, usually for their tendons and hocks, to keep them feeling their best, and prevent any swelling from the work they’ve done.”

Kristen Yde

Barrel Racer

Why Use Ice Horse for Your Horse?

  • #1 clinically recommended equine dry cryotherapy brand, trusted by veterinarians, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and pro riders
  • Unique Cold Capsule inserts are backed by science and research-proven to deliver fast acting, long lasting and deep penetrating pain relief for the treatment of inflammation from injury or workout

Don't Let Them Run Sore

Trailer hauling is hard on horses; standing in the back of your trailer they need to adjust their balance to deal with every dip, turn, or speed change.

Kristen's secret weapon is the Ice Horse Back Blanket after hauling  but before a run.

The cold does great for pulling out inflammation and soreness after a long haul. This helps him have the best runs!”


Tried-and-True Tendon Wraps

Free yourself from the chore of cold hosing a fidgety horse.

Reusable Cold Capsule inserts provides targeted, mess-free application. 

Tech fabric offers unsurpassed compression without holding heat.

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